Consulting Services

We consult with football clubs, federations and agents on a range of scouting matters. Our advice is comprehensive and provides great contextual insight to our clients. We feel there isn’t always enough thorough due-diligence done in decision making in an industry where billions are exchanged every year. Our aim is to drive and stimulate better informed decision making. Some of the consulting services we provide are below:

Squad Analysis Reports


  • Provide a professional, impartial and external perspective on a clubs playing squad.
  • Evaluate the core strengths of the group as well as the qualities the squad may be lacking.
  • Advise on positions that require strengthening imminently as well as positions that will potentially need to be upgraded in the medium term.
  • Advise on players who may not be being utilised enough or optimally and ways this can be maximised.
  • Assess the short, medium and long term prospective of the squad and how this compares with current and potential rivals.

Player Evaluation Reports


  • A comprehensive evaluation report on a player using our Socanalysis ID model.
  • We assess the technical, physical and tactical qualities of a player using video analysis.
  • We assess a players data, relative to position and compare this with the output of other players in a similar position and/or players in the same league.
  • Stylistic profile – We assess the type of team and environment that will allow the player to flourish and progress.
  • Profile a players strengths and weaknesses and how they compare with current players in the same position at your club.
  • Assess the positives and potential negatives of a transition to your league and/or club as well as providing a long-term projection for the player.
  • We conduct a background & personality observation as well as psychological profiling conducted by our specialist sports psychologist.


Socanalysis ID Radar


  • We advise on optimal players who meet the particular requirements (position, age range style, experience, data etc) you are potentially looking for in the market.
  • We produce a shortlist of five players who rate highly on our Socanalysis ID model along with a profile report detailing each players strengths and weaknesses and how they compare with current players in the same position at your club.
  • We monitor each player shortlisted and produce a progress report at a regularity (weekly, monthly, quarterly) that suits you.
  • A great tool for identifying untapped talents and/or players who may not previously have been on a club’s radar.